USA Sports Group LLC

This project was based on the requirement of multiple sites all able to share membership and course information. The system is driven by a single parent database for members and courses and individual Joomla sites for the main site content.

Over the last couple of years both the parent and associated sites have benefitted from unprecedented levels of traffic. To increase the volume of traffic we have integrated additional social media and networking components.

The main parent site (pictured right) handles all transactions for USA Sport Group for all sites.

USA Sport Group are now the most prominent Sports Camp provider in the US.

United Soccer Academy (part of the USA Sports Group of Companies)

United Soccer Academy (USA) provide Soccer Classes / Camps in the US.

US Sports Institute (part of the USA Sports Group of Companies)

US Sports Institute (like it's sister company United Soccer Academy) provides Sports Camps, however with USSI there is a much wider variety of Sports available.

Managed Risk Solutions Ltd (MRSL)

MRSL are

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