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All in One - Website Packages for Pubs & RestaurantsWe are all aware of the difficulties faced by Publicans and Restaurant owners. It has never been more challenging to promote and maintain a business within the Pub and Restaurant Trade. However, we believe that with the right approach to socially networking your business the future may not be as bleak as it may appear. Personally as an individual with experience of promoting events I have seen first hand the difficulties and obstacles that need to be overcome to ensure that an event is a success on the night, and the vehicle used to promote events has changed dramatically of recent years. To be successful among competitors within this industry requires a new strategy!

Over the years Datalynk has developed and delivered many different style's of website. We have come to learn that generally that typically businesses within the same industry generally have common goals and require similar facilities to enable them to benefit from their website.

With this in mind the development team at Datalynk have decided to create specific packages for selected Industries that we feel provides a best of breed service to the given Industries specific online needs.

On consideration of the Pub / Restaurant trade Datalynk have identified the following key components to enable Pubs and Restaurants to successfully promote themselves online, and packaged the elements into a single affordable system with payment options.

Here are the key considerations that we feel make the difference between an active self promoting site as opposed to a static site that has little success in generating traffic and custom.

  • An all encompassing content management system that numerous staff members can maintain with the continued training and support of Datalynk.
  • The ability to delegate the update of certain content elements to affiliated persons (for example if you have games teams or regular events you can delegate the task of maintaining this information to specific individuals).
  • Complete Integration with Social Media Networks (Facebook / Twitter) with asynchronous updates for comments / likes / signin's (this will allow you to not only display Facebook and Twitter feed's on your site but also allows your customers to comment directly on your site using Facebook and Twitter accounts).
  • Complete (single click) Email Newsletter solution to keep all of your customers up to date with events and special offers.
  • Events management system to maintain a list of up and coming events for your Bar or Restaurant. Customers will also be able to interact with posted events, and share this information via the Social networks (Facebook / Twitter).
  • Table booking - Receive table booking requests directly from your site.
  • Menu management - Manage an online menu and today's special's etc. from a a single user friendly interface.
  • Google maps with Get Directions feature making your venue is to find and accessible to all.
  • Photo / Video galleries for you to post images and video's for events held.
  • Customer Integration and Collaboration - allow your customers to upload photo's and video's, write comments, chat, share and more directly from your site.

These features are to name but a few of the available features within the package. The package is modular and you can choose to use as many or as little of the packages as you see fit for your business.

Additionally we have also bundled the following features with the package that will greatly improve visibility of your website within the search engines.

  • Social media site representation - Either setting up or enhancing a professional focused social media presence on Facebook and Twitter (this will be used to take full advantage of the social media integration with the website).
  • Google Places setup / enhancement. The Google places database is used for not just the web but also on many mobiles and Sat Nav systems. Having an established listing on Google places can really put you on the Map!
  • Business directory submission - We will submit your site to the most prominent Business directories for your industry. Pub / Restaurant business directories are generally review based and a good source of traffic if maintained correctly.
  • Website submission - we will submit / resubmit your new search engine optimized website to all major search engines ensuring that you are prominently visible on the web.
  • 12 Month Telephone and email support package included.
  • 12 Month Site Warranty and regular site backups included.
  • 12 Months professional hosting included.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the solution is £699.

Datalynk require a deposit of £199 to cover Hosting, Domain Registration / Transfer and Design costs.

The remaining Balance can be paid over a course of 10 Months at £50 per calendar month.

Once the final payment has been received the entire system and all of it's content becomes the sole property of the customer.

OK so what is next?

The first step to acquiring a site that could dramatically change the way you communicate with your customers is to book a FREE consultation.

To book a free consultation please simply complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange a meeting at your premises and at your convenience.

N.B. This offer is limited to Pub's and Restaurants within a given catchment area. If you have received this offer by email then your eligibility for this service has already been established.

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download buttonA simple module to display Events from Facebook. This module will display a given number of Events from the current date and time forwards. This module is free to use.

This module was created out of necessity for a client to show their Facebook Events directly on their site (eliminating the need to duplicate the process of managing events using one of the many events managment components available for Joomla).

Please feel free to download the module and install on your Joomla site!

The module has been tested on Joomla 2.5.x and you will require a Facebook App for the module to function.


  1. A Facebook App ID.
  2. A Facebook Secret Key.
  3. The Page ID for the page from which you would like to show events.

For more information on creating an App for Facebook.

Please visit


Simply install the module via the install Panel, and enter your Facebook App and page details.

N.B. The module should be displayed in an area wider than 400px.

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